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12 November 2009 @ 02:11 pm

Okay. So I love Britney's new song. But wtf is going on with the lyrics.

The chorus goes like this:

1, 2, 3
Not only you and me
Got one eighty degrees
And I'm caught in between
1, 2, 3
Peter, Paul & Mary
Gettin' down with 3P
Everybody loves ***

Either they're Britney's friends or.... it just rhymes. I'm confused XD
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10 November 2009 @ 09:53 pm

Well it's only Tuesday but it's been a good week so far.
I got a lot of work done today, which is good 'cause I've kinda been lacking in motivation lately. And I phoned up my family, which was lovely.

I just can't wait to go home next week though. There's so much I've got planned.

A trip to the Christmas markets :) They make me all happy and looking forward to the holidays! Starbucks Christmas coffees! Megchul day with hae ♥ seeing my family, home cooked food, my own bed, seeing my cat! And of course, the big reunion we're hopefully having with all my friends from college! I'm so excited!

So yeah, I just have to work hard this week, and get my essays done at the weekend then I'll be home on Monday and can enjoy a week of my favourite things :D

On another note, I have a girl crush. I seriously can't stop looking at this girl.

I mean, how cute? Also from a photoshoot of one of my favourite movies, Yes Man, with Jim Carrey, who is also awesome.

Now I just want to watch her in 500 Days of Summer
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02 November 2009 @ 08:08 pm
Okaaayyy I haven't done this in a long time, kinda been dead to this journal for about 6 months!
haewill probably have a fit after seeing my entry pop up on her friends list. Yes, you got a mention! XD

So yeah, no real reason for this except to say I'll be trying to update more often, in between lectures and essays, for anyone who's interested.

Here's something I found down the back of Twitter today though: http://twitter.com/shitmydadsays

I LOL'd.

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18 June 2009 @ 05:04 pm
~Honestly, this is the most bored I have been. Ever. I've sat through countless exams and boring shifts at work, but this tops them all for boredom- waiting in until now for a plumber who turns up half an hour late.
Yes, it's awful weather but I could have gone to the gym or something to break up the day. I would die if I had to spend every day like this, omg.

~1 week today I'll be in Glastonbury! Ahhh so exciting, think we'll have just arrived there this time next week. Omg can't wait :D

~Had an awful day for the diet today. If I'd have gone to the gym it wouldn't be so bad. But ugh )):
14 June 2009 @ 12:12 pm
Wow, why has it been so long? I know, because I'm lazy.
Stuff happens and I just forget to write it down because I have to go do something else!

~Well, it's exam time here at the moment, though in two days mine will be over! Only General Studies and Media to go, then I get to spend my Summer with the most amazing friends I could ask for. Parties, pictures, drinking, dancing, watching Disney films, festivals, music, holidays, sunshine, barbeques- will we have the time for it all?!

~I can't wait for Uni either, though sometimes it really, really scares me. Like, I'm moving away from everyone. My family and boyfriend are staying here, and most of my best friends are moving away, like me. We're going to be up to around 150 miles away from each other or something stupid like that, and sometimes I'm just not sure that I'll be able to cope not seeing everyone every day, having to live with people I don't know and basically survive on my own. I haven't even left yet and I'm already thinking about when I'm going to be home, for the holidays and stuff.

~Also, gahhhhhh. Need to lose some serious weight before summer :/ I want nice clothes! I've been going back to the gym lately though and feel pretty good, even if I think that I don't look good right now XD
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24 February 2009 @ 10:22 pm
~I'm so glad the personal study is finally over :D Omg so much more free time. Now all we have to do is finish our music video and then it'll be time to start thinking about the exhibitions DDD: That's gonna stress me out something awful.

~Omgggg can't wait until James' party on Saturday~~~ So exciting. New dresses and shoes and hair-do's and make-up and friends and pictures and music and alcohol. Lots of it, please :D

~Now that everyone's turning 18 we definitely need more nights out. I liked it in Hard Rock and want to get dressed up and try all the other places in town. Yeah, there's deadlines and revision and shit to think about blah blah blah. But nothing like forgetting it all on a good night out.

~But omg why do I spend all my wages so fast and then have no money left ;( It's so tempting to spend and I buy such pointless things XD

~And OMG, cold and sickness. Go away please!
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02 February 2009 @ 07:14 pm
Today was nice :)
It would have been better if college was cancelled though. Damn you Frosty, ruining all our snowy fun D:
I don't think many people enjoy it as much as I do, seriously. I even love having childish snowball fights and don't mind getting hit. XD
Even better now that I'm wrapped up in bed nice and warm, and feeling better after a pretty bad weekend, health-wise. Well, it's still kinda bad. My throat hurts lots and my back is suddenly painful D:
But Lemsip will cure all :)

Also, just remembered my paid account expired and I didn't have the money to re-do it. So now I'm getting all the adverts again and I've lost most of my userpics ;(

+ Please let college be shut tomorrow~!
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21 January 2009 @ 07:10 pm
I just needed to post about this.
Don't think I've seen anything as funny since the fail pictures that hae  sent me.

Yeah, obviously I'm not going into details 'cause I don't want to fuck things up, but OMG.


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14 January 2009 @ 09:40 pm
I'm getting so frustrated with this laptop I think I'm just going to give up trying to watch anything on it.
It keeps shutting down Media Player and being 'unable to read' the discs when they're perfectly fine.
Stupid thing to rant about I know, I'm just so wound up that it can't seem to do anything right.

On another note, today was good. :)
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09 January 2009 @ 03:06 pm
Mum: 'When you go to Uni, you're going to have to have somewhere to live, so sort yourself out.'
No, really? I was just thinking I'd live in a box on the street or something?

I really hate how she talks down to me all the time, it's so patronising. Yeah, I don't check up on stuff every day, but I do have a lot of other things to do, not that you notice.

Really, really cba with anything today. I have work in 3 hours and haven't done any revison. Suprise, suprise. Then an 8 hour shift tomorrow and a 9 hour shift on Sunday. Wtf.

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